a really cute puppy!

Yesterday I found myself at a pet shop in Grover Beach, California. Although I personally cannot fully support buying a puppy from a breeder or a pet store, poking around the store I met the world’s cutest puppy. She’s a 9 week old golden retriever/boxer mix and I fell in love instantly. She’s super cuddly […]

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Good things take time

Which is why there’s no long detailed blog post this Thursday. Instead, I’m taking the time I would generally use to write a few super interesting paragraphs¬†and photoshop a ridiculous number of dogs onto a picture to plan something super exciting for next week. Stay tuned for a VIDEO! That’s right folks, a 2-3 minute […]

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HTML practice with dogs

I’m learning how to code! Hey folks this is a dummy blog post to practice decoding and recoding with html. Some people say that journalists must learn code in order to be successful in the field, others claim that it’s unnecessary. I’m still undecided, but because I’m really lazy, I’m leaning towards not extensively learning […]

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